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that dangerous weapon off the street makes all of baltimore safer. >> two days after a police officer was shot on the job, the commissioner announces an arrest. that is the big story tonight. a tip from the community to track down 20-year-old che jordan. >> he is charged in the shooting that injured an officer tuesday night. did police mention a motive in this case? >> that are still trying to figure it out. they are trying to figure out why a gunman would pull that trigger. they do know the suspect was mad at the city police department. >> his eyes were rolling in the back of his head. i saw it. >> moments after the officer was shot, 815-year-old captain company and tell -- a 15 year- old helped keep him company.
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the police officer was shot while responding to a domestic dispute around 11:30 tuesday. neighbors say this house made the call. >> i do not know what happened. >> the officer was settling the domestic dispute and was shot with an assault rifle similar to this one. >> it was a big gun. >> even with the advanced ballistic capability of our soft body armor, it would have been a challenge to stop those rounds. it is a miracle that our officer was not more seriously injured, or someone else in and block. >> the police veteran was treated and released, and is expected to be ok. a phone tip and good detective work led to jordan this morning. he was in the car with the scope of an assault rifle. police found other pieces of the gun at a home. jordan has been charged with attempted murder and other gun charges.
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>> that scares me. i am glad he is off the street, for my safety and my children and the neighborhood. >> although jordan's motive is unknown, he had a dislike for the department. >> there is no indication he knew personally or had any personal details -- dealings with the officer he was shooting at. but he had some large animus toward the baltimore police department. >> the suspect may have some military experience, including possible tours overseas. police are working to confirm that information. we are live outside city police headquarters. >> the man accused of brutally killing three back in 2004 will now head to try out for a third time. policarpo espinoza is serving a life sentence for the
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murder of three children. the first trial ended in a hung jury. men were convicted in the second trial, but the verdict was overturned. the state attorney says the decision was based on the judge 's error and not the evidence. he wants to try the case again. there are still not charges in the shooting death of a local scholar-athlete. the 18-year-old was shot yesterday afternoon in south baltimore. he and two other young men were handling a gun when it fired. the state attorney investigated the case. those close to the honor roll student remember him as a good basketball player and a great guy. >> he was concerned about everyone else, always. are you ok? how're you doing? if anything was going on, if you were not feeling well, he would come see you. >> he was a manager with us.
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he worked his way into a uniform and ended up being a starter. >> he was supposed to be in miami right now, playing at the national basketball tournament. he is being remembered today by colleges here in maryland and baltimore city community college. >> it was a tough crowd insult -- in baltimore, where the labor union announced its picks in the upcoming city-wide election. they are endorsing incumbents for city council and mayor. but listen to the reaction when the union announced its support for the mayor. >> stephanie rawlings blake. [booing] >> union leaders say there was a three step process of choosing the candidate. this morning, many east
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baltimore leaders threw their support behind the campaign. dozens of towns lawmakers and business leaders from the east side want to keep the mayor in office. they say she has the determination to move the city forward. the mayor mentioned the areas that still need improvement. >> we must continue to work creatively, using our resources to bring more jobs into our city, to improve performance in our schools and make our neighborhoods safer and stronger for our families and our future. >> is today, the mayor released a plan to reduce the city property tax rate by 90% in 10 years. she says it is a realistic approach, but competitors say it is not enough. >> oppressive heat has been gripping the region for the last several days. people -- things are expected to get worse. we had to our meteorologist in the weather center. >> we consider today a baseline
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for what we are expecting as we go into the weekend. let us look at what we did today. we made it to 100 at the airport. the high at the inner harbor is 103. the record is 104, so we did not break it, but we were getting close. the lows this morning not very low. those readings made it feel more like 110 to 150 degrees. right now at the airport, it has dropped down to 87 degrees. we may pull another five out of there until tomorrow morning. the barometer is low. we have a soft breeze at 6 miles an hour. it is still 93 downtown at the inner harbor. the humidity is up and the barometer is down. outside, you can see how it feels. this gives us an idea of what it is like out there this evening. >> it is very hot. it is steamy and sticky still at
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this hour. you have been telling us it is going to be as hot if not -- if not hotter over the next couple of days. people are told to go to senior centers and libraries to escape the heat. officials in surrounding counties are telling people to stay inside as much as possible. paramedics rushed to the inner harbor to treat a man overcome by high temperatures. he is one example, with the heat index approaching 110 degrees. ambulances have been dropping people at local hospitals. >> they get dehydrated. there are lightheaded and busy. >> an emergency room physician says they have seen an influx of patients. doctors treated one elderly man for heat stroke, the first case at the hospital this summer. >> people are coming in with the high temperatures. they are needing a lot of intensive care, a lot of nursing support, and definitely
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utilizing critical care resources. >> baltimore city opened additional cooling centers throughout the city, offering water and a cool escape. we found volunteers in south baltimore going door to door, checking on seniors, making sure they are ok. >> we check on them to make sure they are all right and if they need anything. >> according to officials, only a few hundred customers through the area to not have power. they have beefed up cruz as a precaution. >> all we are available to restore power if there are any heat-related outages, as safely and quickly as possible. >> officials are confident the grid will support the heat wave. they do not expect widespread outages over the next few days. drinking plenty of water is very important when is this hot out. for a list of cooling centers, go to our website. reporting live, wba delaware tv
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11 news. -- wbal tv-11 news. >> exactly what to check in your car before hitting the road. check out the slide show on our website. >> we have new information tonight about the journalists who disappeared while covering the unrest in libya. the state department says he may have been spotted in a prison. he disappeared in march. the office of a maryland congressman says it is now working to confirm separate settings. it will do everything possible to simply bring the journalist home. gaddafi says he will not hold talks with rebel forces. the libyan dictator said he would only speak to rebels on, and i quote, the day of judgment. rebel forces occupy half of the country and many western countrierecognize them as the
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legitimate representatives. the latest gadhafi's speech was said to boost support among supporters. rebels have been unable to oust the dictator. >> sources say the newly appointed pentagon chief will move to repeal the 17-year don't ask, don't tell policy, which will allow gays to serve openly in the military. this comes after months of military studies. president obama is expected to endorse it. once the ban is repealed, gay men and women would have to wait just 60 days before enlisting in the military. lawmakers in washington are feeling the heat 12 days before america default on its loans. politicians are still pushing on what they are calling a grand bargain. obama and the house speaker are holding talks behind closed doors. talks could lead to a potential deal on proposed tax loopholes
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and cut spending. but a deal is not certain. republicans are seeking support from democrats to push the tea party plan to the senate. democrats say the plan will not pass and the president has already threatened to veto the measure. the president will hold a town hall meeting tomorrow. the event is set for 11:00 a.m.. we will have coverage of the event tomorrow at 5:00 and 6:00. >> the state is taking strong action to ban the so-called fastballs. >> new information on the fire department cheating scandal. how test results ended up in the wrong hands. >> this is one of the reasons we
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worked to get this agreement completed tonight. >> the nfl commissioner on the latest effort to end the football face-off. and what the ravens have to say. >> one down, and how many more? 100 plus days to go.
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>> hundreds of same-sex couples in new york are waiting anxiously to find out who will get married this sunday. today was the first day couples could apply for marriage licenses in the state. many people showed up, made applications. so many came in the had to have a lottery to decide who would get the license. the winners will be announced at noon tomorrow. with the new york law going into effect, governor o'malley said
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he will push for a similar law in maryland. the legalization passed through the maryland senate earlier this year, but did not make it to the house of delegates. >> after our investigation on so-called bath salts, the department of hygiene said it is looking to ban the drugs. they could be added to the list of controlled dangerous substances. there are at least 22 cases of poisoning from bath salts, including one death. a ban on the sale and use of the drugs could go in effect as early as september 1. the night team has obtained new information on the cheating scandal at the baltimore city fire academy. the focus of the probe has shifted to one instructor who had access to the confidential testing materials. >> according to a source familiar with the probe, investigators believe one instructor is responsible for providing test answers to 19
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academy students. they initially said the number of students was as high as 20. there were a package of test scenarios is predicted to each cadet. they did not realize those situations would be the ones used on the exam. these exercises included a resuscitation station, a trauma station, and random medical skills. investigators discovered the reason the instructor had access to confidential -- confidential testing material is because the person worked on a contractual basis as an evaluator for the medical services system, the agency that certifies emergency medical systems. this is the only instructor with access to the test materials and the credentials. another employee, a coordinator, responsible for
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collecting test results and making sure no materials were left behind, spoted confidential material in the open. according to the source, one of the cadets inadvertently left it behind. the person familiar with the probe says that now we know one investigator is responsible for the incident, the problem is to determine how deep it goes. >> 8 fire academy instructors remain on administrative leave. the number of cadets to be reexamined is now down to 16. a random drug test eliminated three of them. >> the historian charged with stealing presidential documents from the maryland historical society is being investigated for a similar theft in pennsylvania. barry was arrested earlier this month after he checked out dozens of historical documents that were later found stuffed inside the locker. the pennsylvania historical society have received
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information that he may have tried to sell a missing letter signed by president george washington. 824-year-old accomplice was also arrested. both men's attorneys are asking for a review of why they were denied bail. >> the space shuttle pulls into port for the last time. >> the space shuttle atlantis is safely back on earth tonight. it's landing marked the ending of an era. it is the final shopping -- shuttle landing in the 30-year shuttle program. the historic event has been described as a fitting end to years of service. >> thank you for protecting us and bringing this program to a fitting end. god bless the united states of america. >> although there will not be any future space shuttle missions, nasa says it plans to send astronauts to an asteroid and put man -- put man on mars.
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the shuttle will be on display at the kennedy space center. >> now, your forecast. >> let us look at the doppler radar. nothing going on here. all the rain has been down in tennessee. now in alabama, isolated thunderstorms. that has all gone away. some pretty strong thunderstorms. we will wait to see what happens. right now, let us look at the scorecard. three days in may. seven in june. that gives us 2490 plus days. 1100 degrade -- and one 100 degree date in june. we will do it again tomorrow. we will be over 90. we are likely to be over 100.
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87 at the airport. 86 at westminster and at frederick. temperatures in the 70's in western maryland. this humid air is coming off a high-pressure area which reaches down into the north. tropical pressure up of the gulf of mexico. the cold front is getting closer to us. i do not want to call it a cold front. it backs off a little from us -- from these extreme temperatures. but it will take a couple of days for that effect to get in here. until then, hot and humid are the appropriate words. these areas are where it hit 100 or halter. in the plains states, nothing new. we expect this in the desert southwest. now we are beginning to see hundreds pop up around the great lakes. that is quite a streak of 100 plus whether. it is hazy and muggy, with
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temperatures well above the average for the season. future cast for rainfall shows a spotty out by tomorrow, maybe a couple of isolated storms. all of that will make it much year. very hot and humid tomorrow. a lot of sunshine. maybe an isolated thundershower. southwest winds at five to 10. tomorrow's record 101. saturday's record 102 degrees. there is an excessive heat warning. the red shaded area, almost all of maryland in effect today. southwest wind will be light. a less than 1 foot chop. dry tomorrow and saturday. temperatures will be quite hot come up in the 90's right through the weekend. here is the forecast in the next seven days. 99 in saturday, 93 in sunday. rain chances isolated tomorrow.
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a little more on saturday and sunday, coming into monday. temperatures will be more reasonable ones we can't monday and tuesday. >> the nfl commissioner may have thought there was a deal, but the football season is back in limbo.
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>> 11 sports with gerry sandusky most people expected closure on the nfl negotiations. but the players chose not to vote tonight on the deal, and gave no indication of when they will vote. it looks like another round of legal arm wrestling with the owners. the oakland raiders abstained. the league did cancel the hall of fame game scheduled for august 7. when the owners wrapped up their meeting in atlanta, they sounded like man convinced football had found its way back to the field. >> i think we have crafted a long-term agreement that can be
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good for the game of football, good for the players, good for the clubs. most importantly, good for our game and our fans. we really are anxious to get back to football. hopefully today's development and the developments of the nfl over the next few days will ensure that. >> here is where everything stands. the owners include the -- approved a labor deal. the players said they do not know everything in the deal, something the owners dispute. the 11th hour questions delayed a resolution. the players association general counsel -- council sent out an e-mail saying they may have violated federal law. they may have to reform by tuesday to complete the deal under the terms.
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they hope the team can begin training as soon as wednesday. that may be back to being uncertain. he sai this gives us the basis to move forward and preserved competitive balance and make the league's stronger. obviously, none of that becomes finalized until players ratified the agreement. when that happens is anybody's guess now, so the drama continues. the final service of this homestand. the angels will arrive with the fourth best record in the american league. the rangers in the second inning. chavez dropped a fly ball that allows the only run of the game. weaver wins a straight decision. the orioles will not face him over the weekend. finally, a reminder of the real
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spirit of sports, the diamondbacks game. a young -- two fans jockeyed for the ball. the diamondbacks and got the ball and was expected, but realized the young brewers fan had collapsed in tears over not getting the ball. rather than feeling good, the big kid gives the ball to the little kid. leave it to kids to remind us all how sports can really make you feel, especially when you strike a deal without needing to get lawyers involved. hey parents, it's going to be a big school year.
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>> my great, great grandmother used to say it is not the heat, it is the stupidity. >> she was looking at you, right? [laughter] 101 tomorrow. >> let us pretend that you did not say that. >> that is the stupidity. >> we might be able to cool down by next week. a heat warning in effect tomorrow and saturday. >> drink water and watch out for everybody you know around you. the tonight show is coming up next. >> have a good night.
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